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2022 Goals

Happy New Year! Enjoy a day off from work (hopefully) and take the time to reflect on what you would like to accomplish in the year ahead.

My goals for this year:

1. Love myself more (I’m incredibly hard on myself. I don’t do that to other people, so why am I holding myself to such unforgiving standards? This year I’m giving myself the gift of kindness. I bet a lot of lady’s struggle with this one!)

a. I will accomplish loving myself more by adjusting my internal dialogue. I want my internal dialogue to take a deep breath, stop being so afraid of everything and just do the best I can in that moment.

2. Let go of my fears (I don’t think my friends would say I have a lot of fears, but I just hide them) I’m afraid of not being a good writer, I’m afraid of not performing my job well enough. Those are the two biggies.

a. Again, I will address those by adjusting my internal dialogue. And by doing Tapping exercises via a course with DailyOM. I find their courses so helpful and affordable. Cheap therapy in the comfort on your own home! Check it out.

b. WHAT IS TAPPING? Tapping combines coaching techniques with acupressure in the form of fingertip tapping on acupuncture points. The tapping acts as a circuit breaker on the electromagnetic signal of the stress and diffuses its emotional trigger.

3. Be easier on myself (All of my goals are related to loving myself more! I think it’s the biggest struggle for most people)

Here are some signs you may not be loving yourself enough –

· You don’t allow yourself to take time off

· You put wishes and expectations of other first

· You often put yourself down with what you say

· You apologize for everything

· Its hard for you to say No

· You don’t accept compliments with a genuine heart

The big takeaway, we can all make these changes one thought or one step at a time. Do what you can. I wish for us all a happy and more loving 2022.


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