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I forgot to mention Al-anon

Art by Johnny Disher

I attended an Al-anon meeting not too long along and realized that I have not mentioned these regarding my healing journey! Duh! Many of the things I've learned could have been learned at these meetings, but true to form, I do things the hard way.

I wanted to share what a great resource these meetings can be. They're free, (they take donations, and putting in $1 seems to be fine) they're filled with people going through similar issues and can be an instant support system. I don't know why I didn't go to these types of meetings in the first place. It may of been my general distaste for any "alcoholic" related things.

A lot of the techniques I do to heal are discussed: meditation, letting go, letting God, having fun, daily prayer, and daily inspiration. If you are struggling or just plain lonley, check groups like these out. Move a little out of your comfort zone if necessary and give Al-anon a try.

The meeting I recently attended reminded us to have fun. It really struck me that I didn't do enough to have fun and why in the world wouldn't I? We are all busy and stressed, but take the time to plan some things you love to do. Walk in the park, meals with friends, funny movies, stand up comedians, find your joy.

As always, I write about my journey with the hope of helping others.

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