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The Catalyst

Jessie Taylor

Why am I writing this? I care.

I want to help people struggling with their dysfunctional families. I'm tired of the suffering. It doesn't have to be this way.

We are better than this. We've lived a long time on this planet and now is the time to stop the continuation of this bullshit. BULLSHIT being defined as addicted parents passing their crap onto you.

The blog will highlight my personal perspective on a number of topics where I have experience and insight to share. Mainly, I would like to offer my insight on maintaining some sanity in a dysfunctional family. (I grew up in one) Secondly, how I survived it, so it may help you too. And thirdly, how to avoid (as much as you possibly can) repeating the cycle.

A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON ME: I grew up in a smallish, midwestern, middle-class neighborhood. I wrote a book, THE ILLUSION OF A GIRL, which tackles many of the issues I would like to discuss.

What's my catalyst to write a blog?

The catalyst is my desire to break the cycle of dysfunctional families.

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