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No more family secrets

Myths and Facts about child sexual abuse - Ladies and Gentlemen, if a family member abused you, it's likely he'll abuse your children and grandchildren if given the opportunity! Don't give them that opportunity. Read the link I'll attach below

Myth #9: Family sexual abuse only happens in low-income families. Fact: Family sexual abuse crosses all classes of society. There is no race, social, or economic class that is immune to family sexual abuse.

I'm talking about this very sensitive and ugly topic because these facts must be known. If sexual abuse is not understood, then how do we protect our children? Ignoring this because it's unpleasant is not an option, and is exactly why this kind of abuse is still so prevalent!

I never told my mother that my father touched me because I completely blacked it out until I was 50 years old. The mind will do some amazing things to protect your sanity. I still don't remember the actual abuse, but I do remember what happened leading up to it and then utterly nothing. I'm grateful for the block. One less nasty memory in my brain. My mom is 83 now and I have no plans to tell her. I forgive her and I know she did the best she could to raise us. She was also abused as a child and taught to ignore and not talk about it.

I did show the symptoms of being abused. I was emotionally disconnected. I looked for boyfriends to love me. I never felt truly connected or loved by anyone. And many others, you can check out the signs at the link below.

Check out the link -

This topic drives me especially crazy! Probably because I don't feel parents are vigilant enough in regard to protecting their children. If you are vigilant, then Thank God and tell your friends! Single parents, your job is even harder. Just because your dating someone, it doesn't mean they're an appropriate babysitter.

Obviously, I'm talking about this in my very direct fashion without fluff to soften it. I watch my children as closely as I can. I hope and pray I've given them the confidence to speak up about any mistreatment they may experience.

(They give me a lot of backtalk for sure!) My kids also understand my childhood, why I'm paranoid and why I may be overly protective. I've explained what happened to me and why it drives me to ask them if they are okay.

I watch my children's faces, their reactions to people, how they respond, yes, I'm paranoid. I like to think most people are good, and I do believe it. But, there are some people who will take advantage of children for whatever reasons: mental illness, abuse they suffered, etc. My parents wanted to sweep anything ugly under the table and pretend it didn't happen. This is exactly why it continues to happen. Please give your children a voice and the confidence to tell another adult, peer, WHOEVER, that someone touching their private parts is NOT okay.

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