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A Bit of Magic

Art by John Disher

Hello again,

One of the Harry Potter movies was on this morning and reminded me of a blog I wanted to write. I love the books and I've read them all many times. The idea of magic existing in our world is an attractive one. Imagine being able to take all your desires and funnel those into some magic spell. Presto, your desires are fulfilled. Sounds awesome.

Magic is one of the many reasons I love the books. We all wish we had a little something extra to help us along.

As a kid, I desperately wanted some way to save myself from my scary and tension filled childhood. Unfortunately, I had to endure it, but I did survive and continue to work on healing myself.

Harry Potter had magic, but what do we have? We, (me, you, teens, adults) have our voice. At any age, you have a voice. Use it to tell people no, use it to tell someone who cares about you what's happening.

Don't go quietly, because that’s what abusers want. They want you to shut up and pretend everything is normal. Abusers are people who emotionally/verbally, physically, and sexually hurt you.

Tell them they are hurting you. Don’t accept any of their excuses, it’s all bullshit. Here’s a great article that discusses the topic further and how to handle, or avoid it - The Truth About Abusers And What To Do

I don’t have all the answers, but some things I do know through experience. As always, I hope my story helps you in some way.

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