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I Feel Pretty

Art by Johnny Disher

I don't feel pretty, at least not today, but the title works. I feel pretty sometimes. I recently watched this movie I Feel Pretty starring Amy Schumer. It was really funny at times, but possibly a bit heavy-handed with the message. Spoiler alert - read no further if you want to go see this movie.

If I could get knocked on the head and wake up thinking I'm fabulous; where do I sign-up? No self-doubt, no second guessing yourself, how fantastic.

Let's say you do feel good about yourself, I bet some people would hate you for it in direct correlation to how much they hate themselves. Stay away from those people! Some people are just haters. They can't help themselves.

I'm getting to my point. Take a minute and imagine feeling fabulous about yourself. You look good, you feel good, all is right in the world. Hopefully, it brings a smile to your lips. This is a perfect exercise to feel better about yourself or just feel better period. Use visualization to obtain the mental state you desire. Here are some great examples of how to go about it: 3 Easy Visualization Techniques

It's not easy to take this time, but you're worth it. I've done these myself, and it does make a difference in your attitude. If you've grown up in a dysfunctional family, not feeling good about yourself seems to be a major hurdle. With the right tools and the intention, I do believe we can reset our brains and experience a joy-filled life.

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