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Hello Folks!

I recently watched the HBO documentary, The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling, the well-known comedian. Check it out here:

A couple of themes struck me about the documentary. One, Garry's insistence on living an authentic life. Two, his ongoing search for spiritual enlightenment, and three, what appeared to be his struggle to truly feel at peace.

What I love about the guy: he was so funny, and he never gave up on his dreams to succeed. The documentary showed the hand-written notes Garry inscribed to himself, which I found fascinating. I write notes to myself as well to affirm my dreams and goals. Those hand-written notes are like a view into someone’s soul. I don’t think I would thank my friends for showing them, but it provided an intimate view into Garry’s mindset. As I watched the documentary, I could really feel for the guy and relate to his struggle. I live a “considered life” which to me means, I think about my actions, the results and how to live my best possible life.

“An unconsidered life is not one worth living.”― Socrates

Garry Shandling seemed to do this as well, but possibly too much.

As I write this, a mourning dove is cooing on our chimney, and the sound is making its way to me. If you believe in spiritual signs (I do), hearing a dove is related to regaining your serenity. Something I need to work on and amazingly enough, I think this is the one thing Garry Shandling was desperately searching for and may have never achieved. In the documentary, it looked like he really drove himself hard to succeed and was very critical of himself. So maybe consider your life, but don’t be so hard on yourself. For instance, in writing this blog, I’m sure I make mistakes at times with typos and such, but I try not to be hard on myself. I’m writing because I hope these blogs enlighten you, bring you peace or help you in some way.

Which all of this, of course, is my opinion. I pay $148 a year to host my website and pass on my thoughts. So, I won’t say it’s my two cents, since it costs more than that!

It didn’t surprise me that Garry passed away due to heart attack. I definitely believe our emotional state affects are health. In the book, Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay, she describes the emotional reasons behind a heart attack: feeling alone and scared. Feeling you aren’t good enough. You can check out the book here:

Garry passed away in 2016 at the age of 66.

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