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One and Done

Hey, Brian here. I'm also a main character in the book, 'THE ILLUSION OF A GIRL' featured on this website. I figured I would blog as well. Can't leave it all up to my sister, Jessie.

This story prompted me to write, Video shows baseball player beating woman​

Ladies, if a man hits you one time, your relationship with them is over. I don't care what his excuse is, what the circumstances were, etc. Once a man hits you, he'll hit you again. And press charges! This asshole should go to jail! If a stranger on the street hit you, you would press charges. Who cares how it affects his life. If you look at this video, he beat this woman down, dominated her, and belittled her. Don't you dare put up with that.

Worry about how to protect yourself. Don't get me started on how I would handle someone hitting my sister. I wouldn't handle it well, to say the least.

Domestic violence escalates in families unless MAJOR and I mean major therapy, recovery programs, and self-help work is done by the abuser. Just like any addiction, unless aggressively treated, the addiction, abuse, whatever issue it is, grows worse. My family experience supports this fact. My father's abuse progressively got worse. His behavior didn't improve with time or apologies.

Check out this link, Alcoholism, it always gets worse, .

For me, alcoholism and domestic abuse go together. And unfortunately, it happens a lot. What I've noticed is the girls who put up with this type of behavior in a boyfriend, also grew up in an abusive or dysfunctional home. The main purpose of Jessie and I blogging is to stop the cycle of abuse! As Jessie wrote in her last blog, you have to Value You! You have to love yourself or nobody else will. Yes, it sucks that your parents suck. It is what it is. But, you can do something about deciding how your own life will play out. Do the work of figuring it out. Focus on what you love, what you like to do. Read some self-help books, go to therapy, seek professional help.

Jessie and I will continue to tell you to read. You have to. How else will you know how to help yourselves. It's what we did. Until next time, take care of yourself.

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