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The Illusion Of A Girl

I'm bothering to blog about my own family experience because I want to move past my less than desirable home life. It sucks to have parents who make you feel like shit about yourself. I struggle with this and so do many of my friends. But here is the thing, I refuse to allow them to define me.

Anyone can chose to be parent, but most just stumble into it without real thought. Parents are one of the most powerful influences on a child's life, yet any idiot can have a child. In addition to stricter gun laws, how about a parent law?

When my dad criticizes me, I realize it's really about him. He hates himself and he's venting his anger to me. When your parents are dysfunctional, they don't value themselves. So they aren't going to be good at valuing you.

Don't buy into their criticism, their beliefs about who you are. You define yourself. Deepak Chopra explains this concept better than I. I've attached a link to a great, short article on this below. Please read it.

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