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Don't Self Destruct

Who am I? I'm just a girl with an alcoholic Dad and a dysfunctional mother. You can read about me in the book The Illusion of a Girl. The initial chapters of the book are posted on this site. Check them out and let me know what you think. 

The Illusion of a Girl

Why am I talking to you? I'm tired of seeing my friends, my classmates and teenagers in general suffer through dysfunctional parenting. Dysfunctional parenting may take many forms: emotional, verbal, physical or sexual abuse. I have experience with an alcoholic Dad, so my thoughts come from that perspective. 

I want to talk about all the unnecessary bullshit that goes along with it. The thing I hate the most about crappy parents is how they affect us. We, the kids, suffer from their problems. Our parents look to drugs or alcohol to escape life. Once their addicted, the alcohol or drug is the priority in their life. For them it's all about escaping their reality with a substance. For us it means our emotional needs aren't met. We don't feel loved, adored, cherished, important, worthy and the list goes on and on. 

There are levels of dysfunction from minor to severe, but it all effects how we cope with life. My main point is, don't self destruct! Your parent(s) chose that path, but you don't have to. Choose a healthier path, one where you feel good about being you. One where you don't medicate yourself to feel good. 

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